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Taxi insurance quotes from Quick Quote Insurance

Quick Quote Insurance offers cheap taxi insurance (or private hire insurance) quotes that don’t compromise when it comes to levels of cover. Our taxi and mini cab insurance providers will cover you, your passengers and your livelihood as a whole in the event of any accident and any subsequent claim. 

We can offer cheap and affordable taxi insurance policies that provide comprehensive levels of cover by working closely with both you and a host of insurers to find the policy that suits your individual needs.

Types of Taxi Insurance

As a taxi owner it’s important that you understand which insurance category you fit into, and the risks that apply to your specific kind of taxi service. A taxi and mini-cab insurance policy is there to protect your vehicle, your passengers, and yourself and we at Quick Quote Insurance can offer cover for the following:

Taxi insurance

Black cab insurance

Mini cab insurance

Private hire taxi insurance

Public hire insurance

Multiple drivers insurance

Big cities taxi insurance

Chauffeur insurance

Minibus insurance

Get the Cheapest Taxi Insurance Quotes from our Top UK providers now

What is Private Hire Insurance? – Private vs Public Hire Insurance

Private hire insurance is designed for drivers of minicabs and minibuses who carry customers picked up from either a designated taxi rank or a prearranged location – they cannot be hailed on the street like vehicles with public hire insurance.

Public hire insurance (or black cab insurance) is for taxis that are licensed to pick people up from the side of the road. 


Cheap taxi and mini cab insurance that suits you…

The level of cover you decide to take out for your taxi will depend on you and your needs. You can choose from:

Comprehensive insurance 

Comprehensive insurance will pay for the damage sustained by your vehicle, as well as any other vehicles involved in the accident when you were deemed to be at fault.

Third party, fire and theft insurance

Third party, fire and theft cover will not payout for any damage sustained by your car, irrespective of whether you were at fault or not – it will only cover the costs claimed by a third party (another driver). You will be covered for your own vehicle for any damage sustained by fire or theft (or attempted theft).


Why is Taxi Insurance So Expensive?

The vehicles used as taxis are usually no different to standard cars, so why is taxis insurance more expensive than car insurance?

There are a number of reasons, the main one being that taxi drivers are responsible for the safety of passengers on a regular basis – this means that, if they are involved in an accident, there is a fair chance that the insurer will have to payout for injuries sustained by any injured passengers.

Taxi drivers are also likely to cover more miles and drive more throughout the night, which statistically speaking, is more dangerous. Taxis also drive a lot in busy city centres and tend to carry a fair amount of cash, resulting in an increased level of risk to theft.


Do You Need Taxi Insurance for Uber?

Yes – Uber is a taxi service and, therefore, requires registered vehicles to hold the correct level of insurance. If you are an Uber drive with regular car insurance, it will not be valid while carrying paying customers.

If you are taking out car insurance with the view of making money through Uber, you’ll need to make sure that it is a commercial private hire vehicle insurance policy with adequate public liability insurance. 


Why Choose Taxi Insurance with Quick Quote Insurance?

You can never predict when an accident could leave you off the road for a long period of time – this is hard enough for the average person, but as a taxi driver, this means you might be unable to work and could result in a loss of earnings. In these circumstances, our taxi insurance ensures that you are completely looked after.

When it comes to accidents that also affect your passengers, public liability cover offered by Quick Quote Insurance partners will take care of any legal implications arising from any potential claims.

Our taxi and mini-cab insurance policies can also come with optional extras, including:

  • Replacement vehicles – to get you back on the road
  • Extra protection – for taxi’s that operate in big cities with a perceived greater risk
  • Taxi fleet insurance – no matter how many taxis you own
  • Multiple driver insurance – to cover more than one driver
Get the Cheapest Taxi Insurance Quotes from our Top UK providers now

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