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Pet Insurance Quote from Quick Quote Insurance

50% of adults in the UK own a pet, and at Quick Quote Insurance Services, we understand that those pets are part of the family – many pet owners would do whatever it takes to ensure the health and safety of their pet, but vet bills can quickly become unaffordable, racking up into their thousands.

This is why Quick Quote Insurance offers pet owners affordable pet insurance that provides s the comprehensive cover needed to ensure the health and well being of their pets is never compromised. We work hard to provide affordable pet insurance quotes that offer the comprehensive cover needed to provide peace of mind in knowing that, if the worst should happen, they will not need to foot the hefty vet’s bill.

A pet insurance quote from Quick Quote Insurance partners ensures that pet owners are always covered for the costs of treatment if their family pet is injured or falls ill and protects against any unexpected vet bills – the average UK vet bill is around £750, but these are rising all of the time and it is not unusual for these costs to escalate dramatically.

We can provide a pet insurance quote for all pets, including:

  • Pet insurance for dogs
  • Pet insurance for cats
  • Pet insurance for rabbits
  • Exotic pet insurance


We can also provide the perfect quote if you have several pets, as many of the insurers we work with offer discounts on multi pet insurance policies.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It? What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Just like us humans, you never know when your beloved pet could require medical assistance – unfortunately, there is no pet equivalent to the NHS and it will be down to the pet’s owner to foot the bill.

The level of cover offered will increase alongside the monthly premiums, but even a basic pet insurance policy will cover the costs of medical treatment for your pet, while some will offer to reimburse you the full purchase price in the sad event that they are lost, stolen or pass away.

The best pet insurance for dogs, cats and other pets will also payout on expenses if you need to make an overnight stay to visit them in hospital (or kennel and cattery fees if you fall ill) and cover any damage sustained by third party property when the insured pet was at fault.

What is The Best Pet Insurance?

Our cat, dog and rabbit insurance providers take further steps to protect you and your pet. There are different levels of pet insurance cover to choose from so there’ll always be a policy to suit your needs. Our providers even offer multi pet insurance which can give pet owners discounts when purchasing a policy for more than one pet.

Is there an age limit for pet insurance?

Many pet insurers will refuse to insure pets when they reach 5 years old, but here at Quick Quote Insurance, we understand that pets need cover no matter their age – that is why we work with providers who offer insurance for pets of any age.

Why choose Quick Quote Insurance?.

At Quick Quote Insurance, we work closely with the best pet insurance providers in the UK to offer comprehensive cover at an affordable price – our cheap pet insurance even offers up to £600 towards finding costs  if your pet goes missing.

If you want peace of mind then compare pet insurance quotes with Quick Quote Insurance now, it’s much faster than searching for providers one- by- one. 

Our partner policies include…

Fixed excess payments – so you’ll always know what you need to pay for a claim

Multi pet insurance discount – get a 10% discount on the additional premium for each  additional pet you add to your policy (discounts are applied consecutively)

No maximum age limit – and insurance can be taken out from pets as young as 8 weeks old

No policy changes when your pet gets older – so you always receive the same, quality cover

Additional cover options – available for even more protection

Advice and support – if your pet passes away, falls ill or is injured

Choice of cover – choose your level of cover

Direct Debit payments – so you can pay monthly

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